It’s rare to find a house you love that meets your needs over the course of your entire life. Changes to your family, finances, tastes, or obligations can affect how you feel about where you live. How do you know when it’s time to say it's over to your home? These are some major signs:

1. There's just no more room.

Expecting a new baby, in addition to the ones you already have? A two-bedroom home could begin to feel cramped and overly full. Is your family tripping over each other’s Zoom calls because there are no more rooms with doors on them to give you a modicum of privacy? Or maybe your kitchen is just too dang tiny. If your family is growing or shrinking, the closets are spilling out into the halls, and you can’t sort your work from your kids’ homework, it’s time for a change.

2. Everything needs updating.

If you realize your major kitchen appliances are all about to hit their expiration dates, or your roof needs work and all your windows and doors need replacing, it can be hard to stay in love with your home. Unless you’re willing to shell out the money for a remodel — and deal with the messy inconvenience of a construction project — you might be better off finding a new home base.

3. You need better school options.

Your neighborhood school isn't always the best fit for your child. While some states offer school choice, many do not, and you could find that trying to squeeze your budget for tuition and planning your new commute may become overwhelming or frustrating tasks.

4. You need a lifestyle change.

Can you walk to a coffeeshop or grocer? Do you want to be closer to family? Is there a lake, river, or ocean nearby? The pandemic has shifted a lot of people’s perspective on how well their homes are satisfying social and emotional needs, and a location change is often the catalyst to make different (and healthier) choices.
Luckily, you’ve got choices when you realize you’ve fallen out of love with your home. You could remodel to better meet your needs and rekindle your home romance. You could grow your relationship with a new addition. Or you could do a full-on breakup and move to a new home.

No matter which path you choose to reconcile what you need from your home vs. what you’re getting from it, you have resources and choices to help you make the best decision for you and your unique living situation. Please give one of our friendly Mortgage Specialists a call today at 1-888-254-9500 and we can help you take in other considerations that will help you make your choice.

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