5 Weekend Projects to Instantly Boost your Curb Appeal - Image of bright vibrant door with greenery wreath.


  1. Bring in fresh mulch and flowers.

The flower beds flanking your walkway will look rich and well-cared for with a new layer of mulch. Or put a few planters in different sizes by your steps or front door and fill them with color.

  1. Paint your door.

A bright front door is a cheery sight when you come home from a long day. Use it as a pop of color that also increases your curb appeal. (Pro tip: Black, bright yellow, and espresso are trending this year.)

  1. Update your front door light fixture.

Still have that old carriage light (barely) hanging around? Freshen it up with a coat of metallic bronze, pure white, or shiny black paint.

  1. Add new house numbers, door hardware, and mailbox.

A newly painted mailbox at the curb, fancy hinges and door handle, house numbers in a different style or color – these are fast and easy fixes to bright up your home’s façade.

  1. Light up your walkway.

This one couldn’t be simpler: Buy a pack or two of solar lights that you stick in the ground. Find them at the local home improvement store or even boutique shops in a range of styles and prices.

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