How can you keep your home at a comfortable temperature without blasting the A/C? Here are a few tips to help you — and your house — beat the heat this summer.

Plant foliage to block the sun.
Planting tall shrubs, bushes, and trees strategically will create natural shade and help keep things cooler.
Give your A/C a tune-up.
Book a pro inspection to ensure  it’s working correctly and with maximum efficiency.
Run ceiling fans counterclockwise.
Turning them counterclockwise means that air is getting pushed down, creating a cool breeze.
Close blinds and curtains during the day.
You could switch to light-blocking window treatments to really keep the sun out of your living areas.
Install a smart thermostat.
Maximize your home’s energy efficiency. A smart thermostat can learn your daily comings and goings and adjust your HVAC accordingly.
Look into Low-E glass.
This remarkable glass dissipates heat and UV rays while letting in the light.
Install cool roof technology.
Using specially made shingles, thick reflective paint, or a sheet of cool coating, these roofs reflect heat and UV light away from the home.
Have ductwork inspected.
Ducts need to be sealed and insulated for maximum efficiency.
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