With the holidays on the way, you’ve already got your hands full, making your lists and checking them twice. Toss a few overnight guests into the mix, and you could feel overwhelmed with the extra work of sprucing up your home! But you don’t have to go crazy scrubbing, shining, and polishing. Just concentrate on what the guests will notice, plus your regular cleaning routine, and you’ll be ready in no time.

Getting Your Home Guest-Ready for the Holidays - A Checklist

In the Guest Areas:

  • Clear out clutter and make space for their belongings and luggage.

  • Wash your guest linens and towels, and get the bed made and the guest bath set up. 

  • Check that all the plugs and lights work, and gather extra blankets and pillows so they can set the bed up the way they like.

  • Stock the bedside table with tissues, magazines, and a cute sign bearing the wifi code, and be sure there’s a trash bin handy.

  • Provide a basket of easily forgotten toiletries for their convenience and to help them feel more comfortable.

Around the House:

  • Tackle some winter house maintenance, like checking weatherstripping, cleaning gutters, and having the chimney cleaned. 

  • Declutter the living room. More people means you’ll need more space. Do you need to rearrange or bring in more furniture? Now’s the time to check.

  • Deep clean. Go a bit above and beyond your basic scrub down, and stock the loo with plenty of toilet paper.

  • If your guests will be in your home without you, label the remote controls and write down any instructions for the TV and thermostat.

  • Set up a coffee/tea station so guests don’t have to dig around in cupboards for all the necessary items (especially if you sleep later than they do!).

When Your Guests Arrive:

RELAX! You’re prepped and ready. Enjoy your guests, your home, and your holiday.

At Marquette Bank we appreciate the opportunity to serve you this holiday season and we're hoping your home is filled with love and laughter. Remember, we are here for you year round! Contact us anytime for financial and home financing services at 1-888-254-9500. All the best from your Marquette Bank family.

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