To a kid, dressing up and scarfing down mountains of sugar makes this one of the best nights of the year. But let's not forget that costumes, fading daylight, and bags full of candy can also pose hazards if you're not properly prepared. To ensure your All Hallows' Eve goes off without a hitch, we've got a goodie bag of suggestions for a super Halloween night. 

Go in groups.
If your kids are 12 or older and go out on their own, be sure they buddy up and never leave anyone behind. Even better, trail behind at a not-too-far-but-not-too-embarrassing distance.

Take a flashlight and hand out the glow sticks.
Stick reflective tape to costumes and treat bags as an extra precaution. 

If you're heading to houses where you don't know the occupants, exercise extra caution. Throw away any homemade goodies, and inspect the store bought treats thoroughly for any signs of tampering.*
*According to, Mental Floss,, Vox and a slew of other reliable sources, no one has ever been charged with randomly handing out poisoned candy to trick-or-treaters.

Does your group include very young ghouls and goblins? 
Plan your route ahead of time, keeping in mind that short legs will tire more quickly, and that as far as you walk away from the house is how far you'll also have to walk back!

Remember your audience.
If you expect to have a lot of little ones, skip candies that might pose choking hazards, or hand out stickers and pencils instead. You may also want to forego any candies containing nuts, just to be on the safe side.

Don't forget your pet!
The ideal situation is to put Fido and Snowball in a separate room, away form the front of the house, so they don't get all worked up every time the doorbell rings. It will also prevent them from hightailing it out the door every time it opens.


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