About 72% of people feel that their home is disorganized. Do you count yourself among them? Get Organized Month is a great time to change that!


Organization Quick Tips

Are you ready to tidy up your home -- and keep it that way?

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Set up Keep, Sell, and Donate bins.

  2. Organize your junk drawer.

  3. Use hooks to create extra storage in bathrooms and the kitchen.

  4. When you buy something new, throw out something old.

  5. Invest in clear storage bins, jars, and containers so you can see what you've already got.

  6. Make the bed every morning and tidy up the kitchen every night.

  7. Clear your counters.

Decreasing clutter in your life has proven benefits, such as feeling more control over your life and reducing stress.

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