Those with a savings plan are twice as likely to save successfully. Cash in those dusty jars of pennies. Pack your lunch instead of buying it at work. There are lots of little things you can do to fund your savings. Just be creative. Here are some ideas and suggestions to get you started!

Five Saving Strategies
  • Not sure what you should be saving for? Get started with one of our top five savings strategies.

Creating a Budget
  • The first step to saving more efficiently is to keep track of what you spend and budget. There are many different ways to do this, try a few out and choose the system that works best for you. The key to saving more successfully is to find a system that works for you and to stick with it.

54 Ways to Save Money
  • 54 ways to cut back spending and save some cash.

Finding Money to Save
  • Find out how small amounts saved each month can equal large yearly savings.

Save for Emergencies
  • Having an emergency savings fund may be the most important difference between those who manage to stay afloat and those who are sinking financially.

Financial Products
  • Not sure where to put the money you save? These accounts can help keep your money safe, secure, and growing.

Saving at Tax Time
  • Receiving a refund this tax season? Learn how to use that money to pay down debt and save instead of buying something you might not really need.

Want more ideas? Go to America Saves and first pledge to save money and then look around for money saving ideas and information. You can also come in to any Marquette Bank and speak to your personal banker to get you on the path to successful savings! Find a location close to you here.
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