Each September, National Preparedness Month is observed as a reminder to #BeReady in case of natural disaster or emergency. Ready.gov recommends taking the following steps to prepare yourself and your household for the unexpected.

Make a Plan
Know what types of disasters are likely to happen in your area, and talk to your family about what everyone should do if disaster strikes. Consider things like shelter, evacuation routes, emergency meeting places, and how you will communicate. Remember to practice your plan regularly.
Build a Kit
Ensure you have enough food, water, and supplies to last you for several days. Consider the needs of everyone in your household, such as special medicines or pet food. Keep a kit at home, at work, and in your car, and be sure to maintain and update your kit as needed.

Be Prepared
Sign up for emergency alerts and check your insurance coverage, and prepare your home to better withstand a severe weather event. Learn about different hazards and how to safely respond to each.
When it comes to disaster preparedness, plan for the worst but hope for the best.
Ensuring you have a plan in place will give you peace of mind and help you navigate to safety in the event of an emergency. Don’t forget to create a savings plan to help with any emergencies that may occur.

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