After a long year of distance – or hybrid-learning, most kids will be heading back to the classroom this fall. Here’s a simple checklist to get your household ready for the busy school year.

Clean out the closets.
Give the whole family a wardrobe refresh. Donate clothes that have been outgrown or outworn, and organize the closets to speed up getting ready in the morning.

Optimize the entry.
Create a more efficient entryway by adding seating, storage for shoes, hooks for backpacks and coats, and an all-weather rug to handle the heavy foot traffic.

Organize your pantry.
Divide your pantry into zones for different meals. School lunches and easy-to-grab snacks on one shelf, canned goods and dinner staples on another. Label jars, and use baskets or bins to keep things tidy.

Create a homework station.
Keep books and laptops off the kitchen table by setting up a small desk in a quiet spot, away from TV and distractions. Add task lighting, a charging station, desk organizers, and fun décor for a functional and inviting study space.

Have some fun!
August is Family Fun month. While you’re busy prepping and planning, schedule in time to make some memories before summer is over.

Stock up on supplies.
Take advantage of special sales or tax-free holidays in your area to purchase supplies. In addition to the basics like pencils and notebooks, create a hygiene kit to stash inside backpacks that includes hand sanitizer, tissues and wet wipes.

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