Blanket on the Grass - What's on the Menu

Sandwiches and fruit just taste better outside, don't you think?

Traditional Menu:
Ham and cheese sandwiches, pasta salad, baby carrots, sliced apples (Pro Tip: sprinkle with lemon juice so they don't go brown), chocolate chip cookies and of course water!

Menu with a Twist:
Try melon and prosciutto skewers, tomato and cucumber salad with feta, goat cheese and crackers, mascarpone and strawberries, and change your water up a bit to cucumber water or La Croix.

Simple BBQ

Skewers are great for bbqs because they cook quickly and you can easily tell if the meats are cooked all the way through.

Traditional Menu:
Skewers (chicken, grape tomato, onion, and bell peppers), veggie burgers (Pro Tip: don't forget the buns, condiments, lettuce, and tomato), potato salad, fruit salad, potato chips, brownies and lemonade.

Menu with a Twist:
Mahi-mahi skewers with pineapple, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, grilled zucchini, blue cheese coleslaw, watermelon salad, grilled pears with honey, water and maybe a little wine (Pro Tip: be sure to check local open bottle regulations).

Make It a Night

Choose easy finger foods, especially for a romantic meal. Don't forget the candles and the bottle opener!

Traditional Menu:
Cheese and crackers, olives and salami, spinach dip and French bread, bottle of white wine and chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Menu with a Twist:
Bruschetta, mini caprese sandwiches with basil, mini peppers, olives, chocolate-dipped marshmallows on sticks and homemade sangria.

Don't forget the napkins, wet wipes, storage for leftovers, trash bags...and wireless speakers for music!

Food Safety Tips

  • Don't partially cook meat before the picnic.

  • You can't go overboard with ice and cold packs for meat, fish, and poultry, plus anything with mayo.

  • Stash the cooler in the shade.

  • Use a meat thermometer to ensure everything is cooked properly. 

  • Put leftovers in the fridge immediately, and toss anything that's gotten warm.

Pro-environment Picnic

  • Choose resealable plastic containers over foil, cling film, or plastic baggies.

  • Use real cutlery, plates and reusable straws.

  • Even better, go with finger foods that don't need cutlery!

  • Put your reusable water bottles to use, no matter what drinks you bring.

  • Remember that even orange peels or other food waste should be cleaned up.

Bye Bye, Bugs!

  • Keep food covered.

  • Avoid picnic areas near wet ground.

  • Don't set up within 50 feet of a garbage can.

  • Tote some citronella candles or citrus fruits to repel insects.

  • Seal fruits, sodas, and other sweet items in tubs or under lids.


Picnics are fun, but you want to enjoy the great outdoors at home, too. If your yard isn't meeting your relaxation or entertaining needs, let's talk about finding you a home that does!

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