Security For The Home Office

Use these tips to help keep your home office secure:
  • At a minimum, be sure you're using password-protected wifi. Having a VPN is a smart idea, too.
  • Never let anyone else use your work computer for anything, and you shouldn't be surfing the web or posting on Facebook from it, either.
  • Use the locations your company provides to store your files and documents, rather than saving to your hard drive or personal account. 
  • Practice the "clean desk" style of wrapping the work day. Leave no papers or sensitive materials sitting out.
  • Use cabinets that lock if you regularly have other people's private information in your office, and invest in a a cross-cut shredder.
One of the most important things to remember about your home office is that when the work day is over, you need to leave it behind. Turn out the light, shut down the computer, and close the door behind you. 

If you follow these guidelines, it will all still be there tomorrow, right down the hall!

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