With spring upon us, it's time to get your home and yard ready for the new season! Here are a few ways to prep for the warming weather and longer days.

Start your spring cleaning.
It's not just a cliché term — spring is when you can finally clean and open the windows after the long, dark winter. Wipe down the blinds, shampoo the rugs, dust in the corners, and brighten your home and your spirits.
Tune up the HVAC system.
Just as you did in the fall, in spring you should get your furnace and A/C tuned up and your vents cleaned out if necessary, along with changing your air filters. Check that your air conditioner is working before you really need it. Get the chimney and fireplace cleaned out, too, and check your dryer vent while you're at it for a buildup of lint (which can actually catch fire).
Gear up for gardening.

Prepare your soil for spring planting by aerating, fertilizing, and mulching. Plant new foliage only after your area has been frost-free for at least two weeks.
Get ready for outdoor living.
Check your patio furniture for rust and damage, and give the cushions a good wash. Hang them in the sun to dry, which will save some energy and help them smell fresh after being in storage for months.
Start preparing now, and when the warmer weather comes, you'll be ready to relax and enjoy it.
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