Here are a few tricks to help you start growing your savings. Start small and grow big! 


Track all your spending for an entire month.

You’ll see some patterns emerging, and soon you’ll discover where you can shift your spending or cut back a little.

Use your free Marquette Bank Personal Finance tool found within your online and mobile banking.


Look for places to save.

Check your insurance, wireless, and other monthly services to see if you can negotiate a better deal or switch providers. If that’s not enough, cut back on ordering takeout, and limit your online shopping. Conscious choices like these add up, and you can put that extra money into savings.

Our Marquette Insurance Services can help get you the best insurance quotes with just a call to 1-844-578-5568. Our friendly team can give you quick and easy quotes on various types of insurance*: personal, property and vehicle.


Automate it.

If you have to think about saving and how much to put aside each month, you’re less likely to do it. Allocating a set amount to go into savings automatically ensures it doesn’t get spent on other things.

We can help you set up automatic deposits into your savings or open a new savings account. Come in to your local Marquette Bank branch or schedule an appointment by calling us at 1-888-254-9500.

Marquette Bank is here to help. With just a couple simple changes, you can start taking back control of your finances. Call us at 1-888-254-9500 to get started with any of the above services.

*Insurance products available are not insured by FDIC or any Federal Government Agency; are not a deposit of, or guaranteed by Marquette Bank or any Bank Affiliate; and may lose value. Any insurance required as a condition of the extension of credit by Marquette Bank need not be purchased from our Agency but may, without affecting the approval of the application for an extension of credit, be purchased from an agent or insurance company of the customer’s choice.

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