It’s a new year and a new beginning, which means that it’s time to start thinking about your  resolutions and how you want to achieve them. As you begin working towards accomplishing your goals for the new year, this is also the ideal moment to evaluate your finances, a subject that can sound more stressful than appealing. For many the mere thought of finances is not fun, and can also be difficult to grasp because there is an overwhelming amount of knowledge to absorb. By taking a few moments and slowing working on understanding your personal financial needs, expenses and resources, the financial world can become less stressful, feasible to comprehend, and most importantly, give you a sense of accomplishment and responsibility. In concert with the new year, here are three ways to begin to understand your role when it comes to financial responsibility.

Start small, then work your way up

People tend to feel overwhelmed when confronting personal financial responsibility. Not only is there a huge sense of negatively and stress when it comes to reviewing personal financial spending habits and expenses, but the amount of information available can be extremely taxing. To make the process simple, begin thinking of small ways to conquer your budget to help make the process gradual. A few tips:
  • When making a budget, think monthly before annually. Once you have the first month down, then start looking at the bigger picture.
  • Look at your past receipts and spending habits and figure out where you may be spending more money then you need.
  • If you can, put your money aside for something rewarding and fun.
  • Look for tools and resources that will help you organize  and understand your personal financial position.
Find your support network

It’s not unusual to feel uncomfortable asking others for advice regarding finances or finding someone to discuss money. Just having someone to talk to about your spending or expenses will make your finances less intimidating. Look around your life and find the people you can trust to talk about your finances with. A partner, a parent, a cousin, a friend, a coworker are all good options. Build a network of people who you  can go to for support, advice and opinions. When you are surrounded by people who care and who will be honest, it will empower you to take control and take action.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your bank

Your bank is more than just a place for you to keep your financial accounts in place. They are a resource and financial guide for all your questions. Your bank is there to help you, and to answer any and all questions that you may have.

The beginning of each new year offers a chance to explore something different, take on more challenges, start exciting adventures, and discover something new about yourself. Take this moment, to look over your financial patterns and figure out what you want to change, where you want to learn something new, and how you want to grow. Personal financial responsibility should not be an adversity to living your life, but should rather be something you can easily grasp, handle and feel a sense of accomplishment with.

Marquette Bank can help make your financial goals a reality. Schedule an appointment with a personal banker at any of our branch locations. We have resources in place to help you manage your finances and successfully guide you to a profitable financial future. Call us at 1-888-254-9500 to schedule a meeting.
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