Even though we can't congratulate you in person, we wish you the best for 2020 and beyond and would like to share these words of wisdom from your Marquette Bank family.
Congratulations Class of 2020

Congratulations on being selected as a
2020 Marquette Education Foundation Scholarship Recipient!


We hope you enjoyed your Celebration in a Box! and that it put a smile on your face. You should be very proud of your well-deserved accomplishment.

While we can’t celebrate together in person, our Marquette Bank team has some tips to share with you as you start your next step in your educational journey. Enjoy these 5 bits of useful wisdom!

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Open your mind – Get involved in college life through clubs, associations, campus events, exhibits, speakers and events.  Go out of your way to talk to students from different backgrounds, from other states, international students and hear their life experiences to better understand their perspectives.  Be open to new ideas and embrace opportunity.

~ Manny Jimenez, First Vice President & Director of Community Reinvestment


Stay organized – College life is demanding. You will have multiple classes all with their own requirements, readings, assignments, projects, quizzes, tests, presentations and more. All of your extracurricular activities, coursework, social events and studying will require you to create a system to track due dates, manage your commitments and block timeout to perform the tasks related to your courses.  Make a plan, create a system and keep organized with a paper notebook or online calendar. 

~ Paul McCarthy, Chairman of Marquette Bank


Manage your stress with physical activity, healthy diet and sleep – In college and in life, you must learn to manage stress and maintain your mental well-being.  Many colleges offer access to a gym or offer intermural sports. As you grow your mind, don’t neglect your body. Exercise often to release tension.  Keep a healthy diet. Load up on fresh fruits, veggies and unprocessed food.  While life will be busy, you’ll find making sleep a priority will help you stay focused and ready to succeed.

~ Christie Cox, First Vice President & Director of Marquette Neighborhood Initiative


Ask for help and connect – It is normal to feel overwhelmed.  Remember that college is a community. When you are unclear, need direction or require clarification never be shy to ask for help.  Whether you are unsure about coursework or campus life, talk to your professors, ask a teaching assistant, chat with classmates or seek out university administrators, councilors or advisors. Connect with people to form relationships that will outlast your time in college.  Also remember your family, friends and support systems from back home. When you need help ask.

~ Betty Harn, Executive Vice President of Customer Operations


Enjoy the moment – This is a time to grow, learn and expand your perspectives. You will be busy both academically and socially, but stay present and make sure you appreciate where you are at and what you are doing. Delight in the new experiences. Find your true self. This time will shape who you become. Embrace the possibility of the future and work hard to achieve your goals, but always take pleasure in the journey. Make a difference with those around you and bring joy each day.  

~ George Moncada, President & CEO of Marquette Bank

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You should be very proud of yourself on your well-deserved accomplishment. On behalf of myself and our Chairman, Paul M. McCarthy, please accept my congratulations and best wishes for success in your continued studies
George S. Moncada
President & CEO of Marquette Bank.