Living a healthy and well-balanced life is one key to a prosperous life. Happy and healthy people are able to be more productive and contribute more to our neighborhoods. Marquette Bank seeks to support health-related causes important to our employees and customers. Employees look for ways to help the physical and mental well-being in our communities through volunteering and service projects that benefit local families and social welfare organizations. 


- Marquette Bank collects donations from customers, employees and neighbors to be included in care packages that are sent to troops stationed overseas and in the US during the holiday season.

Breast Cancer, Bully and Pancreatic Walks
– The Bank sponsors and employees participate and fundraise for a variety of health-related causes and walks throughout the year. 


Meals from the Heart Program
– Employee volunteer and provide home-cooked meals at the Ronald McDonald House for families staying long hours with their children who are being treated for a serious illness or injury at Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital.