Day Trips

A Day in Amish Country (June 5, 2018)

Garfield Park Conservatory (July 25, 2018)

Following Wisconsin's Shoreline (August 7, 2018)

Justin the Artistic Horse (September 19, 2018)

The Federal Reserve Bank (October 17, 2018)

Christmas at SanFilippo Estate (December 11, 2018)

Extended Trips

Mystery Tour (June 12 - 16, 2018)​

Frankenmuth (September 11 - 13, 2018)

Nine Countries Without a Passport (September 19 - 24, 2018)

Agawa Canyon Train Excursion (September 25 - 29, 2018)

Cranberry Autumn Harvest (October 9 - 11, 2018)

​Cape Cod & the Islands (October 14 - 20, 2018)

Christmas at the Galt House & Opryland Resort (November 29 - December 2, 2018)

Smoky Mountain Christmas (December 9 - 14, 2018)

Greece featuring Athens, Mykonos & Santorini (April 2 -10, 2019)

Gems of Eastern Europe River Cruise (June 28 - July 9, 2019)

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