Marquette Bank is committed to ensuring our customers are well‐informed about the proper use of accounts. At this time, we are reminding money market and savings account holders about the federal government’s ‘Regulation D’ limits on the number of certain types of withdrawals/transfers that can be made from these accounts. These same restrictions apply to all financial institutions.

As required by federal regulations, certain transfer and withdrawal limitations apply to Savings and Money Market accounts. Federal Regulation restricts the number of transfers and/or third party withdrawals from interest bearing money market and savings accounts. Withdrawals or transfers, including, for example, those made by check, draft, debit card, POS transactions, ACH, wire, Marquette Bank Online Banking, Marquette Bank Mobile Banking, or similar mode are limited to a combined total of six (6) per month or statement cycle. If you exceed the regulation transfer and withdrawal limit, in addition to the per item fee disclosed below, your account may be closed or your funds transferred to a non‐interest bearing checking account.

Withdrawals or transfers from Savings and/or Money Market accounts are unlimited when made in person at the Bank, at an ATM, by messenger, or by mailing a request or calling by telephone to have a check payable to you mailed to you. Transfers to repay loans at the Bank are also unlimited. These are not subject to the Regulation D transfer and withdrawal limitations. However, any withdrawal (debit) from a savings and/or Money Market account over six (6) during the month or statement cycle will be assessed the per item fee.

As stated in our Important Information About Deposit Accounts brochure, provided to you at time of account opening and available on our website at, this regulation requires that we take action when the ‘Regulation D’ transaction limits are exceeded on a regular basis, which is defined as three (3) or more times within a twelve (12) month period. The Bank is obligated under this regulation to monitor for excessive transactions to identify accounts that exceed the limits on a regular basis. Once an account is identified, we are required to take action, beginning with notification to you, and ultimately escalating, per our account agreement, to either convert the account or close the account.

Please be sure to abide by these government regulations in using your account. As always, we are always here to help manage your accounts and finances in the proper manner, so that you can be in compliance while also completing your transactions to achieve your financial management goals.

Please call 1-888‐254‐9500 with any questions related to these limitations or if you have any questions related to your banking. Marquette Bank is committed to ensuring our customers are well‐informed about the proper use of accounts.