Watch out for fraud, scams and attempts
to obtain your sensitive information.

Marquette Bank is dedicated to helping you identify and avoid scams. The security of your personal information, data and accounts is important to us. We want to help you protect it.

We have recently discovered a scam targeting consumers in the Chicagoland area where scammers call, send emails or texts looking to trick people into giving up important information including debit card PINs or one-time passcodes for mobile or online banking. In some cases, the fraudsters may even “spoof” the call or sender to make it look legitimate. 

  • Often they will tell you your account has been frozen and to call a specific number to speak to someone who will ask you for your valuable information.
  • Or they might send you a link to go online to “log in” or complete a form – again attempting to get your private, sensitive or account data, passwords, debit card pin numbers and/or one-time text passcode.

Marquette Bank would NEVER contact you to obtain your debit card PIN or one-time mobile/online banking one-time text passcode. If you are ever contacted for these, please do not respond and instead inform us about any attempt to gather this information. 

Scammers and fraudsters are always looking for new ways to obtain your sensitive information:

  • Social Security Number, Date of Birth or Mother's maiden name
  • Account numbers, debit or credit card numbers, 3-digit security codes (on the back of your cards)
  • Debit card PINs, Mobile/Online banking access one-time text passcode or passwords

If you receive a suspicious communication that appears to be from Marquette Bank trying to persuade you to provide the type of information listed above, please call the number on our website, your statements or the back of your card to verify if it is legitimate.

Always be mindful of people trying to obtain your personal information.

Proceed with caution and confirm requests are legitimate before responding to someone asking for sensitive information, money, or gift cards to resolve an urgent, yet fictitious scenario — such as a block on your account, the threat of an arrest or an emergency situation with a relative. It is common for scammers to pose as a person you can trust, such as a family member, government official, someone you do business with, or even a charity. 


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