Marquette Bank is dedicated to helping our customers and neighbors make smarter financial decisions. Visit this page for ideas on how to better manage your financial affairs from saving more and managing your credit to home financing and retirement planning.

Understanding Your Financial Responsibility

As you begin working towards accomplishing your goals for the new year, this is also the ideal moment to evaluate your finances, a subject that can sound more stressful than appealing.

How to Stop Scammers Who Sound Just Like Your Bank

If you ever get a call from someone claiming to be a customer service agent at your bank, pump the brakes before answering any questions — even if they have the right caller ID.

5 Smart Ways to Use and Repay Holiday Debt

Holiday excesses can be undone in January. Use these tips to help budget and pay off your holiday debt.

The (Budget-Friendly) Joy of Gift Giving

Luckily, there’s plenty of ways to give something that’s sure to be within your budget. 

Cheers to Safe Cybershopping Tip Sheet

Before you purchase those holiday gifts, it is important to be aware of some simple, actionable steps you can take to protect highly personal data like credit card numbers and friends and family’s addresses.

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