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How to Create a Home Recordkeeping System


With a little organization, your home's paperwork and maintenance files can be at your fingertips! 

Should You Rent Out You Home as a Vacation Rental?

Airbnb, Vrbo, and other peer-to-peer vacation rental companies provide a platform for hosts to list their properties and travelers to rent them but you should consider the realistic expectations.

How to Help Your Pets (and Yourself) Manage a Move

If moving is stressful on you, imagine what it’s like for your pets. Here are some helpful hints to help you and your pets!

6 Items for Your New Home’s To Do List

Now that you’re settling in to your new home, there are some important things you need to consider. Read the 6 items to do for your new home.

6 Tips to Save for a Down Payment

As you prepare for the home buying process, review these six tips to help you cut the extra costs and save a substantial amount for your down payment.

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