Today, it is critical to monitor your accounts and transactions so that you can effectively manage your funds, track activity and guard against possible fraud.


Debit Card Alerts

You may choose to set-up any of the following eleven debit card alerts (pick only the ones you want to receive):

  1. Suspected Fraud – A questionable transaction related to your card.
  2. Card Not Present – Your card is used online, over the phone or when an automatic debit is completed.
  3. Declined Transactions – Your card is declined.
  4. International – Your card is used outside the United States.
  5. Out of State – Your card is used outside Illinois.
  6. Balance Inquiry – Funds available on your card.
  7. Pay at the Pump – Your card is swiped at the pump (a high instance of fraudulent transactions are pump transactions).
  8. Signature Transaction – You can choose the dollar amount threshold.
  9. Funds Added – A refund is credited to your account.
  10. Funds Removed – A purchase is made with your card.
  11. Card Status Change – Card issuer changes the status of your card possibly due to fraud. Usually means you should contact us.

Plus! If your debit card is ever involved in a data breach, your alerts will follow you to your newly issued card.

You are able to set-up alerts for your
Debit MasterCard online.

Online Banking Email Notifications &
​Mobile Alerts

When you activate our online banking service you open yourself to a wide range of online banking options including setting up email notifications and mobile text alerts.

  • Get greater control of your finances by setting up alerts and email notifications for your accounts.
  • Activate Mobile Banking and get alerts sent right to your phone.
  • Monitor your accounts, set up low balance alerts, get notifications and track services

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