It’s easy to lose track of all the paperwork attached to home maintenance, like when you bought your stove or what exact shade of beige you painted your guest bathroom. But keeping records like these will save you time and headache down the road, especially if you decide to sell your home. With a little organization, all this information can be at your fingertips!

You can collect documents in a three-ring binder or scan receipts and records to a Google or iCloud folder.

Information collected should include:

  • Receipts, warranties, and owner’s manuals

  • Detailed log of any maintenance, improvements, or repairs(printed or online spreadsheet)

  • Paint chips and record of paint brand and finish

  • Brand, color, and model/style number of carpet, tile, or other flooring

  • Lien waivers for construction work

  • Contact information for contractors or repair people

  • HOA documents

Now that you have a place to keep track of all your repairs and improvements, you can tackle an easy fall maintenance task. Get ahead of cold weather by having your heating system inspected and serviced. Then enter the info in your new recordkeeping system!

Now that you have reviewed all your paperwork, did you find that your HVAC system needs replacing or are you overdue with a new roof? Give us a call at 1-708-364-2525 or email us at We can help review your options for tapping in to your home equity and offer up suggestions to help you with your current home upgrades!


This article was repurposed with permission from Ellie Mae, Inc. – Home Maintenance Tips - Spring 2022 Newsletter©.
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