Protect Yourself From Text Scams

Chicagoland has seen a dramatic rise in scammers trying to trick consumers by sending urgent or concerning text messages.
This SMS Texting fraud is referred to as “Smishing” (similar to the email “Phishing” but through SMS Texting).
In some cases, criminals are using Marquette Bank’s name in the text in an attempt to make you believe the text is coming from the bank.
The scam messages can take many forms:

  • Ask you to verify a recent purchase, confirm a Zelle transaction or reject a suspected fraudulent transaction.  

  • Tell you your card, bank account or Zelle has been suspended due to suspected fraud.

  • Request that you activate your debit card or online banking.

  • Pose as a representative from our Fraud Department.

These messages are designed to create anxiety or urgency to let your guard down so that you mistakenly provide information to the scammers.
Fraudsters will request you to take immediate action:

  • Prompt you to call a toll free number.

  • Click on a link found in the text.

  • Ask you to text back.

If you respond by calling, clicking or texting:

  • Fraudsters will ask for account numbers, SSN, PINs, card security codes, online banking credentials, one-time security text codes, usernames, passwords, or other private or sensitive information.

  • Once they have your information, they will attempt to transfer money from your account, set up Zelle to drain your account, use card information to make fraudulent purchases or steal your identity.

  • Criminals can make it look like they are calling from your bank by “spoofing” the caller ID to say “Marquette Bank” or make it look like the call is coming from a legitimate toll-free number.

What can you do to protect yourself?

  • Never respond to a suspicious text because it lets the criminal know they have a valid number and they might call you posing as someone from the bank.

  • Never click on a link provided in a text because it might ask you for information or install malicious malware on your phone.

  • Never call a number that was texted to you.

  • Beware of incoming calls that look like they are from the bank and the caller asks for sensitive information.

  • If you receive a suspicious text, email or call – DO NOT RESPOND – instead call the trusted toll-free number on the back of your card or bank statement.

Remember, valid text alerts from the bank always include the last 4 digits of your card number – if you do not see these numbers or the numbers don’t match – do not reply.

Please report suspicious calls, texts or emails – our Customer Service Center is here to help and verify legitimate communications with the bank.

Call us at 1-888-254-9500 with questions or visit our Marquette Bank Security Center for more info.

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