Vacations are meant to be fun and relaxing. You do your research and plan what to take with you. However, you also need a little planning to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. Tourists are often targeted by thieves at home and on vacation. You need to blend in with the crowd while you’re away and protect your valuables at home. Here are some tips to keep you and your family safe:
  1. Research your destination and safe methods of transportation while you are there. You don’t want to encounter a scam in the airport or as you are leaving the airport. If you are staying at a hotel, ask their concierge for transportation suggestions if you aren’t renting a car.

  2. Organize your purse before you leave. Remove extra credit cards (especially store cards you won’t be using) and only take what you need.

  3. Notify Marquette Bank if you will be traveling out of state or out of the country. We are very conscious of your safety and limit these types of transactions on your debit card. Call us at 888-254-9500.

  4. Enlist the help of friends or trusted neighbors to keep an eye on your house. If more than one person will be stopping by, let each of them know about the other. Ask someone to bring in your mail/newspapers, water your plants and feed the cat.

  5. Think twice before broadcasting your vacation plans on social media. You need to ask yourself who will be seeing the posts. The internet is wide open even with restrictions you may place on your posts.

  6. If you use a security system, notify your provider. Give them the name of your backup contact while you are gone.

  7. Purchase a light switch timer rather than leaving your lights on the entire time you are gone.

  8. Unplug your major appliances – TV, computer, toaster, coffee pot – to protect them from power surges.

  9. If you are in a cold area and have concerns about your pipes freezing during winter, ask a friend to stop by and check your faucets.

  10. Remove any hidden spare keys that you normally have under a doormat, behind a flower pot or above the door frame. If someone figures out you are on vacation, they are more likely to look for your spare key.

  11. Carry your purse close to you – cross body bags are very popular or consider a hidden money pouch. Wallets can be worn in a front pocket.

  12. Pack lightly so you can move about more freely. Also remember that expensive luggage can draw unwanted attention.

  13. Valuables like jewelry, money and medication should be carried with you rather than being packed in a checked bag.

  14. Don’t display expensive jewelry, cameras or other valuable items. Always lock your car and leave valuables out of sight.

  15. Stick to well lighted areas.

  16. Don’t leave valuables in your hotel room, even when you go out for a short time. When booking your hotel room, ask if they have in-room safes.

  17. Use the extra locks or chains provided wherever possible. Guard your room key while at the pool or beach.

  18. Always verify who is knocking prior to opening your door. If they claim to be hotel staff, verify that with the hotel operator.

  19. Enjoy your vacation and return safely!
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