Choosing a trustee or successor trustee is an important decision that can affect you and the beneficiaries of your trust. Things to consider before naming a friend or family member are:

  • Will all my assets be shared equally and given outright at my passing or am I favoring certain individuals? 
  • Will some or all of my assets be kept in an ongoing trust for certain beneficiaries where another beneficiary will have control? Will the individual trustee be subject to undue influence of certain beneficiaries over others? Is the trustee also a beneficiary? 
  • Do all my beneficiaries get along with each other?
  • Does my individual trustee understand the details of the trust, any ongoing responsibilities and the length of time they will be trustee?  
  • Are any of the beneficiaries disabled? 

Answering these questions with the help of your estate planning attorney, will help you carefully evaluate if an individual or a corporate trustee should be your trustee. If you choose an individual as trustee, it is wise to name a corporate trustee (such as Marquette) as a backup trustee. This allows for an orderly transition if the individual(s) named predeceases you or chooses not to act. Corporate Trustees don’t die or take vacations and are always available. 

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