The Marquette Neighborhood Commitment empowers employees to support their physical and mental well-being by helping local families and social welfare organizations. 

Adopt-A-Soldier Drive
We collect donations from customers, employees and neighbors to be included in care packages that are sent to local troops stationed overseas and in the US during the holiday season.
Toy Box Connection

Employee Fundraising Walks
We are able to host, donate and volunteer in multiple walks to raise money for local health and hunger organizations throughout the year. 12+ years of walking for the Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation and Food Drive and Walk Against Hunger. 

Adopt-A-Family Holiday Project
We partner with several organizations to make the holiday season brighter for less fortunate families by purchasing, wrapping and delivering toys to hundreds of individuals.

Blessing Bags      Servant Leadership Days
Several times per year, we fill "Blessing Bags" with hygiene supplies, water, snacks, masks and warm hats that are given to local organizations and then given to people in need.