The Marquette Neighborhood Commitment seeks out opportunities to support shelter organizations and create service projects to benefit those in need.

Clothing Donations
We collect and donate clothing to local nonprofits to help those that have been struggling with home instability and job loss.
Ronald McDonald House Oak Lawn - Employee Volunteers       Food Preparation
Our Employee volunteers donate and prepare nutritious meals to local nonprofits to help those vulnerable individuals that needed food support services.

Monetary Assistance
We assist local nonprofits that serve families in crisis allowing them to stay in their homes. We also provide financial assistance to lower-income families purchasing their first homes.

BEDS PLUS Summit Service Center
BEDS PLUS 2023 Summit Service Center

Marquette Bank is proud to support the construction of the 2023 BEDS Plus Summit Service Center. BEDS PLUS (Building Ecumenical Discipleship through Sheltering), is a program that provides shelter and support services to the homeless in Southwest Suburban Cook County. The BEDS PLUS Summit Service Center will contain 24 beds of interim housing complete with access to health and behavioral services.