Marquette Bank is committed to helping you effectively manage your money and expenses. We are dedicated to assisting you reach your financial goals and informing you of all your financial options.

Marquette Bank wants to make you aware of some alternatives to help you avoid using our Overdraft Privilege in the future:

  1. Use our Free Online Banking to closely monitor your accounts and transfer money at no cost to your Checking Account prior to making payments.

  2. Set up Dynamic Transfers from your Savings Account to Checking Account and pay only $8 for each transfer rather than the higher Overdraft Privilege fee.

  3. You might consider opting out of our Overdraft Privilege.

  4. Ask for help with your monthly budget – we can help you look at your monthly income, expenses and spending to help you determine a prudent monthly budget.

  5. Financial Education Classes – Marquette Bank offers workshops to help you understand your finances and show you how to manage your money more effectively.

  6. Financial Management Tools - the following tools are designed to help you manage your money more effectively:

Find more helpful financial information in our Insights for You section of the website.

To report a security or fraud issue with your Marquette Bank account, please call 1-888-254-9500.

Attend a FREE Good Start and Personal Finance Class, view upcoming dates and classes on our Events page here.

Attend a Class

To reserve your seat at any of these Financial Education Classes, please call 1-773-918-4624.

If you would like to discuss any of these options: Online Banking Transfers, Dynamic Transfers, Opting Out, Budgeting Help or Financial Education Classes – please call our Customer Service Center at 1-888-254-9500.