Card fraud is on the increase. Criminals and cyber fraudsters are constantly on the hunt for card numbers. Data breaches from stores, websites and health care providers are on the rise. Marquette Bank is always looking to protect your data, personal information, accounts and your debit card information. 

Much of the card fraud happens overseas with domestic criminals working with international networks, for this reason, Marquette Bank combats this fraud in a number of ways:

1) your card transactions are monitored for possible fraud;
2) international (out of country) transactions are automatically blocked;
3) your card immediately re-issued if it is involved in a data breach;
4) you can monitor your card activity using our free real-time debit card alerts.

What does this mean to you?

First, if you are traveling out of country (or even out of state), give us a call so that we can ensure uninterrupted debit card service. If you are out of country, your card will not work unless you call us at 1-888-254-9500. Even if you are out of state, our monitoring could flag your activity as a possible fraud, so even if you are going out of town for a weekend, please call us to let us know when and where you are going.  

Second, as we increase monitoring, be aware that our automated Fraud Service Center may call you to verify a transaction. However, remember, if we do call you, we will never ask for your card information (card number, pin, expiry date), you will be asked to enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number for validation. These calls are for your protection.

Third, if you shop online or purchase things from foreign countries, please call us before you order so that we can authorize the transaction. Many criminals use stolen card information to make purchases through foreign websites. These transactions will automatically be blocked, unless you give us prior authorization.

Fourth, if your card is involved in a data breach, you will be contacted by letter, email and/or phone call (maybe all three). Unlike some card issuers, we always replace cards that have been identified as part of a breach; however, we also leave the card active while you await your new card. Some financial institutions immediately stop the card from working leaving you without card access. Marquette Bank balances your need to make purchases with protecting against card fraud, so we keep your debit card active during the period before your re-issued card arrives. Always remember to activate your new card right away.

Fifth, turn on your debit card alerts. We offer all our card holders the opportunity to enable 11 different types of debit card alerts that instantly go to your mobile phone when a transaction has been made. This is a free service and you only have to set up the alerts once. If your card is re-issued at a later date, your alerts transfer to your new card. Go to and click on “Customize your debit card alerts” to set up your alerts. Monitor your card activity and call us if unauthorized transactions occur.

Last, always guard your personal, private, sensitive and banking information. Never give this information over the phone or when prompted by an email. Criminals are constantly looking for new ways to trick people into giving up card numbers, PINs, account numbers, online banking usernames and passwords. Remember, Marquette Bank will NEVER contact you and ask you for this information – we already have it and we are committed to protecting it.

We hope you appreciate our thoughtful and proactive approach to protecting your data, banking information and your money. Remember, if you are traveling out of country or out of state; or planning a purchase from a foreign website, please call us at 1-888-254-9500.

If you have any questions about these card security practices, please contact our Customer Service Center at 1-888-254-9500.